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Either these college girls are terribly clever or unspeakably bored. Either way for whatever reason these sexy college girls threw a blind fold hook up party. This is how it goes: the three roommates throw a college dorm room party where everyone has to wear a blind fold and make out with whoever they bump into. The thrill of not knowing is exciting enough but eventually the blind folds do come off and a little later the clothes start coming off as well.

Apparently, after being blind folded and kissing each other, on top of all the orange juice all these wild and horny college girls and guys just had to get it on. We’re just fucking happy someone was smart enough to document this extraordinary college dorm extravaganza and submit it to us. Girls are getting it on with each other and there’s just a lot of random fucking going around in this dorm room.

Needless to say, that it’s obvious that this blind fold hook up party turned into a full blown college dorm room sex party. It’s truly sexy. These college girls are looking just sublime with their awesome teen bodies, big booties and big tits. If you love teen sex or group sex, you will surely love this Dare Dorm video: “Guess Who.”

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