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Horny Naked Asian Teen on Dare Dorm Passwords

Wait until you get a load of this horny naked Asian teen on Dare Dorm passwords. This chick has such a great rack and a fine ass that you could spend the rest of your life staring at it. I really love this babe in today’s episode because she gets so horny so easily…in fact the orgy got started the moment this horny naked Asian teen caught a glimpse of her friend’s cleavage! This just hot hot and depraved this hot mess gets today by joining up with Dare Dorm passwords!

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Double Blow Job Porn in Dare Dorm Episode “Orange Juice Orange Juice”

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Not since that Tree of Life movie came out have I been so excited about a movie as this Dare Dorm episode “Orange Juice Orange Juice.” It features a double blow job porn move that is so intense that my pants are getting tighter just thinking about it. This movie is so great that it is actually one of the most “favorited” videos ever on the Reality Kings network, and when you watch it you can see why!

The movie opens up with a whole bunch of bored college students (isn’t that redundant?) fucking around with a video camera and shooting themselves in goofy ways. Before too long, one of the hot chicks gets the hot idea that maybe they should play a game of strip “never have I ever!” Things get even hotter when everybody in the dorm room tries to make sure that they go through as many sexual firsts as possible!

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These chicks go through everything, from anal to fetish play to shit I never even heard of. I think my favorite part of the whole video is when they make some double blow job porn for their best friend back home in Ohio. It’s so sweet to see them be so considerate of their best friend!

College Dare Dorm Submission Update

Today’s Dare Dorm Video doesn’t start off like most the college sex tapes we get to see here on Dare Dorm. Instead of the usual dorm party these crazy college kids decide to sneak in and tape one girls roommate and her boyfriend getting busy. These two are always going at it and don’t seem to have any consideration for the other roomie. Only what these college girls failed to realize is that they’d end up so turned on that they’d end up performing in a sex tape of there own.

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After getting all turned on and her panties wet one hot blonde college girl calls over her man for some naughty fun. They start putting on a performance of their own when one of her BFF’s decides to join in the fun. Before you know it there’s a wild college threesome going down and two hot latinas standing by watching it all go down. There’s blowjobs and pussy licking going down not too mention some intense pussy poundings and every second is caught on tape.

New York College Dare Dorm Amateur Porn Submission

Today’s Dare Dorm update is a special treat. These wild New Yorkers have decided to throw a Pimps & Hoes dorm party that gets real out of hand. The ladies come ready to party in their sexiest and skimpiest Hoe outfits and let the good times roll. These babes are cute as hell with great bods and some real skills. By the end of the night these college girls are sucking and fucking both men and women.

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I’m sure you’ll agree this is one of the hottest Dare Dorm Videos yet. There’s wild college teen sex going down in every corner and hot chics standing by pleasing themselves as they watch the action go down live. Before you know it there are there are naked girls walking around, slits getting rammed in and pussies being pleased every where you look. These New York college kids show the world just how pimps and hoes get down!

Amateur Birthday Orgy Sex Pictures

When it comes to celebrating birthday’s these college students really know how to make it memorable. This “Birthday Wishes” episode was turned in by a bunch of horny college kids in Maine. It was one dudes birthday and they were determined to give the party of the year. They played some hall way slip and slide that turned into an all out dorm orgy.

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Before you know it, these barely legal horny chics decide to give give this birthday boy his ultimate wish. He gets to bang two run bang two chicks and he can have it any way he wants it. Things get pretty wild and his best-friend decides to join in the fun. These two college guys tag team this one little latina beauty with extreme flexibility. As if that wasn’t hot enough he gets his hands on this one smoking hot blonde with juicy tits and an amazing head game.

Amateur College Lesbian Porn “Happy lips”

Boy oh boy! Or maybe I should be saying, girl on girl! This Dare Dorm submission isn’t like most the entries we get. Rather then the usual crazy dorm parties gone wild, today we have a college dorm lesbian threesome. That’s right we have three horny college girls that decided to film themselves being silly and having fun. It’s great seeing these barely legal cuties as they try on clothes and admire one another’s bodies. They start things off with gentle teasing then turns into hardcore lesbian sex.

2-Day’s Of Unlimited Amateur College Porn Only $1

These chics do it all from caressing each others bodies to licking each others pussies clean. There’s tits, ass and pussy all over the place in this one here. You have three juicy pussies and no dicks to interrupt. These sexy ladies have some intense sex appeal and really know how to put on a show. With skills this good they’ve had to have some sort of practice getting down in threesome fun. They take turns finger fucking and carpet munching on one another making sure all needs are being met. If you love lesbian sex this is one Dare Dorm submission you wont want to miss.

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