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College Dare Dorm Foam Sex Party Picture Gallery

Welcome back to Dare Dorm Blog where you’ll always get the hottest updates on the best college porn on the web. In today’s installment we got some really sexy, college girls and college guys partaking in an epic foam sex party in their college dorm room. The babes are super hot and and severely horny! They fill the place with foam/bubbles and fuck all over the place. There’s even some really hot, lesbian action between two sexy brunettes. Be sure to check out this update and this exclusive and totally awesome- Foam Sex Party Picture Gallery!

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Hey, dude… have you had the opportunity to view these freaky DareDorm scenes yet?  If you have not, then you should understand that you’re not watching one of the greatest College Porn websites in the history of the world. Where else in this world can you see sexy college babes banging with each other’s bodies in the middle of their own college dorm rooms?  Or where else could you be able to see a hiddenlesbian vaginal sex marathon inside of the dean’s office?

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Nowhere else really, buddy. At our site we pride ourselves in bringing you all of the best college reality pornos, and we really hope that you get that fact in your head.  I feel that my favorite part of the website is all the freaky young adults we have on our vids. There is this one episode that we have in which the girl that stars in it has ridiculously huge breasts and a killer smile that will just melt your heart after you glance at it once.  In the reality video that she is in, the sex muffin takes her sexy mouth and wraps it around a rock-hard cock to give a blow job that you will never forget.  Then the girl’s lesbian partner enters into the dorm, and the three of them begins one of the most unbelievable three way porn videos ever! To see more of these hot videos, check out Dare Dorm movies this very second!

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California College Dare Dorm Submission

When it comes to playing Kings Cup and having wild dorm parties these California college kids have won the prize. These horny college kids decided it was time to switch up the rules to the game and spice up things in their dorm room. It worked out since these college girls didn’t know how to play and their clothes just keep coming off. It’s action that goes down in the Dare Dorm submission is unreal.

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This one hot college girl gets her slit wet and takes turns jerking, sucking, licking and fucking almost everyone in the room. One second she’s getting her barely legal pussy rammed in by a cock and the next she’s licking on some other chics slit. She goes back and forth between guys and guys aiming to please any and everyone whose willing.

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When it comes down to crazy college orgies and wild dorm sex it just doesn’t get any better then it does here on Dare Dorm. Every episode is jam packed with pussy pumping, cock hardening college dorm excitement. There’s hot chicks and dicks of all sizes and colors leaving discrimination a thing of the past. These horny college teens really know who to turn up the heat and keep thins interesting!

College Guy First Time Dorm Room Sex In Dare Dorm Video: “Rub It”

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Dare Dorm Blog is back with a really hot, real amateur, college porn update! You see, some college guys were trying to help out their virtuous dorm room roommate to finally get laid and dip his dick into some good, teen pussy. One of his pals had been chatting online with this hot college girl that was all game. Not only that but she was very yummy. This hot brunette showed off her assets online and these dudes were blown away!

After showing off some of her awesome body parts online to the bud that was trying to make this transaction come through, she decided to come over. She heard all about the roommate being a virgin and all and she felt more than oblige to complete this mission. It would be an understatement to say this girl had a sunny disposition. She had nice fucking big boobs and a big ass that was totally spank worthy.

Needless to say, with this college girl’s amazing body, her fun loving attitude and her willingness to fuck this first time, college guy in this dorm room sex extravaganza was more than he ever bargained for. Most of us have to live with the fact that our first time was not all that and that it wasn’t with someone that we particularly found attractive, but not for this lucky bastard! His first time was with one hot, college girl with out of this world cock sucking skills and off the chain bedroom techniques.

This college guy finally got to lick some fucking delicious teen pussy, fondle some awesome tits and dip his dick in the prettiest pussy he could have never even dreamed of. This is one hell of a submission that will totally knock the very wind out of you for this college babe totally rules! Don’t miss this Dare Dorm video: “Rub It.”

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College Guy Looses His Virginity in Rub It on Dare Dorm

After watching this Dare Dorm submission you’ll be wishing you would have had this guys luck. Who would have ever thought that being a college virgin could land you such a hot piece of ass. When this poor bastards secret gets out he’s boys jump at the chance to help him out. They become determined to get him laid and it turns out to be a huge success.


His friends hit up this sexy college girl online and let her in on the situation. She had never been with a virgin before and was happy to help this guy out. She’s a sexy young woman with some amazing curves and one of the sexiest bubble butts out there. This poor guy was so freakin nervous you can almost see him shaking. I though it was funny but she found it cute and it even seemed to turn her on.

It becomes clear that this babe likes to take control and has her way with him. She gives him a wild blow job and has him eat her pussy up. After cumming in his mouth this horny beauty shoves his cock deep in her tight twat. She has him pump her full as she tells him what to do and has him nutting uncontrollably.

Dorm Room Sex on Dare Dorm

By now, you’ve probably heard that DareDorm.com is the only website that offers amateur college kids the chance to win $10,000 just by sending in their dorm room sex tapes. And although they only choose the hottest amateur sex films for the site, you’d be amazed at how many dorm room sex tapes DareDorm.com has for your viewing pleasure. Just check out this amazing photo from an undisclosed dorm room somewhere in the United States. This is just one of the latest dorm room sex tapes to be sent into DareDorm.com. Keep checking us out right here on the official Dare Dorm blog for more amazing college photos nude amateurs and hot dorm room sex movies. 


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