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Ultimate Truth or Dare Game In College Dorm Room Sex Party

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In this Dare Dorm Blog submission we have a bunch of college girls and guys that get together for a night of drinking and games. They sure love sports and games and drinking. As always these college girls are superbly hot. They got banging bodies with big tits and yummy, round asses. most of the chicks here have shaved pussies but there’s one with a hot bushy pussy and a big fucking rack. I tell you these college girls are fucking hot to trot.

Anyway, they began to play Truth or Dare. The dares were pretty sexy and outlandish. They involved a lot of making out and taking off tops, kissing tits, girl on girl action and all that great stuff. This sure turns out to be the ultimate Truth or Dare game ever. Eventually, these college kids were so happy and horny they tossed out the “truth” out the window and focused on the dares.

The dares became more sexual in this game that ends up more like a college dorm room sex party. These college girls and guys just start getting it on all over the damn dorm room. There’s “one on one” action, group sex, girl on girl and finally it’s just one mind blowing fucking college orgy that will surely knock you off your very own two feet. These babes are wild and horny and down for it all and “man” these babes look mighty hot. Don’t miss this amazing Dare Dorm update! Check out all the action in college sex video: “On Target.”

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Hot College Girls In Dare Dorm Video: Orange Juice

This Dare Dorm Blog latest update is as outrageous as any previous one. It involves hot, college girls, college guys, water, a dorm room and loads of college sex. You see, these hot college girls that happen to be dorm room roommates made a shit load of orange juice. It’s really no fun to take those all by your lonesome, so they decided that it was a good time as any other to have an outrageous college dorm room sex party.

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They called up the dudes and some other girlfriends. They were sticking the tiny cups that contained the orange juice between their big tits and licking it off each other. Before you know it the guys joined in and they even stuck one of the tiny cups in the blonde’s teen pussy and sucked it dry. This blonde got passed around like a hot potato but enjoyed every minute of it. The other roommate got busy with some dude that gave her a pounding of a lifetime. In a nut shell there’s lots of college fucking, sucking and everything in between in this cool Dare Dorm submission.

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