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Tammy and her friends are hardcore school team fans. They’d do anything for the colors. So when they heard that a bunch of the team’s players were having a sex party in their dorm room, before a big game, to blow off some steam, they knew they had to be there. The ladies showed up in tiny outfits and school colors. They were so excited to finally have a crack at some jock cock. The guys had the idea of having a dick contest to see whose was the best among the group.

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In no time flat, there were sucking competitions, and the guys were swapping tight college holes. These sexy ladies had nice tits, slim waists, juicy asses and hot pussies that got put to the test. Some of the ladies even took more than one cock at a time in this dorm college orgy. They might suck a dick while they jerked another, or be riding a cock while another dude stuck his dick in their mouth. The ladies had their pussies stroked right to cum, and the guys got their rocks off too, as they busted their loads all over those pretty college faces.

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Latina teen Serena Torres on Dare Dorm
Like good college girls, Serena Torres and her friend decided to stay in for the night. I guess what differed is that their plans consisted of eating each other out, rather than hitting the books. These two college Latinas were looking super hot, as they showed off their thongs and their smoking hot teen asses. After looking around online at porn, they came across Dare Dorm and decided to shoot their own amateur sex party with the hope of getting some cash in time for the Holidays. Turns out it was a great idea.

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The girls called over their guy friend they knew had the hots for them. And although he had no idea what was going on, he was about to get one of the most pleasant surprises of his lifetime. When he came in, the ladies were almost completely naked and were asking him if he wanted to do a threesome. Of course, he obliged them. Before long the ladies were sucking each others pussies while he watched. then he jumped in and gave them both a stroking before busting his load all over those cute college faces. It was awesome!
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This week we’ve got an awesome Dare Dorm update for you titled, Stylish Merkin. In it Nikki Lavay and her friends decide they want some quick cash, but also want to party. Of course, there is only one thing out there that combines those two things into a perfect storm of hot college sex parties, and that would be Dare Dorm. The five ladies came out in their bikinis and showed of those sexy college-aged bodies. They were slim and curvaceous in just the right places. It wasn’t long before the bikinis were coming off, as the ladies dared one another to show of their tits. Lucky for us we had a front row seat. It’s so nice to see 10 titties all in one picture. In no time, the girls were making out, rubbing each others pussies and licking on nipples. Next thing we knew, they were sucking each others pussies. It was completely out of hand, awesome, college sex action you won’t want to miss.

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Best Dare Dorm Pics of October

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We’ve got a treat in store for you this week. And that would be the best Dare Dorm pics for the month of October. The lovely ladies featured in these updates go by the names of Dakota and Jayden Rae. And while you may not get an idea for how hot the sex was, you definitely get a very good picture of how hot the college tits and ass was in these updates. These fine college girls happy no time getting down to party by stripping off all their clothes.

That’s how it’s done on DD. And once the clothes came off, we were very pleasantly surprised. As usual, things only escalated once everyone was naked. These ladies were horny and in a group and took turns making out, licking each others hard nipple and sucking pussy. After that, the guys had no problem jumping in to give their hot wet pussies a proper stroking. We think you’ll like what you see here on the Dare Dorm blog, so enjoy!

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Free Ariana Marie Daredorm Video Two Truths One Lie

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Ariana Marie is a super cute college girl with some really hot friends. She and her friends were short on cash and board, so when they heard about the Dare Dorm challenge, it was game on. Just to think, they could combine making money with killing their boredom. The girls new though it had to be a really sexy party to get selected, so they pulled out all stops. There was music, guys, girls partying and truth or dare. All this was taking place during rush week, so it was perfect timing. Once people started losing at truth or dare, the clothes started coming off. We knew what would come next.

As you can see from the awesome free video above, Ariana Marie ended up but naked in this episode titled, Two Truths One Lie. She and her friends showed off their hot teen tits and nice round and perky asses. They got dared to suck dick and were more than happy to take cock down the throat to prove they could hang. Ariana had exceptional skills and got that dick rock hard. From there, she was so horny she practically begged to have her pussy filled with cock. That’s exactly what she got. Her pussy got the stroking of a lifetime, and she loved every second of it in this Dare Dorm update.

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Adrienne Mark Her Madness Daredorm Video

adrienne daredorm college sex in Mark her madness

Adrienne and her friends were bored over the summer break, and she wanted to mark her madness. They would spend all day in their dorm rooms just waiting for anything to happen. Not to mention, their crappy summer jobs weren’t paying enough. It was about that time when Adrienne and her friends came across the Dare Dorm website. When they found out they could throw a crazy college sex party and get paid for it, they were all-in. They called all their friends still on the Florida college campus and got a video camera.

As you can tell from the video, these college amateurs were having a blast. The girls got naked and showed off their hot perky tits and nice round asses. The guys just looked on waiting for the moment to jump in. Adrienne and one of the girls took out a marked and started writing all kinds of stuff on their naked bodies. The girls laughed as they messed around in bed. They then began making out. From there, these college ladies got down and dirty with some hot lesbian sex. It was the bomb!

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