Elektra Rose Dare Dorm Pranks

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This week on Dare Dorm, the college kids were up to their shenanigans again. They were bored and restless, so they started pulling pranks around campus. In particular, it was a group of sexy college babes led by Elektra Rose. They started out on their dorm neighbors by total pranksters and putting condoms on their doors, duck taping them shut, and even flashing their titties to students passing by, so they could lure them into the room and splash them with water. These little hotties were totally out of control.

Elektra Rose college groupsex

But apparently, after they had their fun, they wanted to reward a couple guys for all the carnage. These two dudes totally lucked out, and when they came in the room, they got their cocks sucked. Elektra and the pranksters got horny and decided to take it a step further. They spread those pussies wide and let them come on in. These college dudes were in heaven, as they pounded those hot pussies for every angle deep and hard. In the end, they both busted their nuts all over the girls. With college chicks like these, you gotta love dorm pranks!

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