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Shaved College Teen Pussy

We’ve got something just very simple for you today here at Dare Dorm – a shaved college teen pussy that is just so hot that it will utterly blow your mind! I love it when chicks shave their pussies for sex, but I love it even more when these babes shave their pussies right here on camera! This chick in this particular movie is so hot, that I’d say she replaced the lampshade babe from that awesome pussy video we did a while back as my favorite Dare Dorm babe of all time! Check out her work today, only at Dare Dorm!

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Horny Dorm Sex Party on Free Dare Dorm Torrents

Oh, boy. Let me level with you, I’d highly suggest that a lot of you – especially those of you who aren’t die-hard porn fans – to take a step back because this horny dorm sex party on free Dare Dorm torrents might be too intense for about 55% of you. I mean, this hot dorm sex party makes all of the shit that went down in that hot teen lesbian video we got a while back look like a picnic party!

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What makes this video so intense? Well, first of all, all of the chicks in it happen to be hungry for every type of genital. I mean, just as long as they’re shoving somebody’s junk deep into their mouth – they seem to be happier than a bucket of clams. I really wish I could had run into chicks as hot as these babes back when I was in school, man oh man!

Anyways, I don’t have much more to say other than that you should really check out this video right now. It’s hot as hell and will be in heavy rotation in your spank bank for months to come. To see it, all you have to do is just sign up for Dare Dorm today…and thanks to our new $1 subscription offer, it’s cheaper than ever to do so!

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Wisconsins “Three Course Treat”

Today on Dare Dorm we have a special “Three Course Treat” for you all. These naught college teens were in need of some cash so they figured they put on a special show for us all to see. Only it was only supposed to be one couple getting down and dirty and it ends up being three different couple and even some lesbian action. Apparently everyone ended up hot and horny after watching the first couple go at it and it lead them all into some kinky amateur sex.

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These barely legal sex pots flash their tits and get their slits drilled in. This one babe is freakin gorgeous with porn star skills and the stars to prove her naughty intentions. One of the other teen beauties has the look of innocence all over face. She looks like the pastors kid next door but has some wild hidden desires. This one here turns out to be the biggest freak of them all as she goes back and forth between her man and some hot chic. The girl on girl is freakin HOT and all these teen girls have a turn at showing off their dick sucking skills plus much more.


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