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Brooke Summers Halloween Party Pics

Brooke Summers daredorm blowjobs

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As part of the Halloween fun, these sexy ladies decided to put on a party Dare Dorm style. The group was led by Brooke Summers who was dressed like a naughty cop. All her friends had done it up too. They all had on tiny outfit with their nice round college asses accentuated. And it wasn’t like their outfits even limited their freakiness. Once these hot ladies knew there was a camera in the room, they all started pulling down their tops to reveal those ripe college tits. The party was bumping. There must’ve been 20 people total. The girls were dancing, twerking, and rubbing their tits and asses against each other. About that time, Brooke took center stage.

Brooke Summers teen porn

She stripped off that uniform to show off her incredibly sexy teen body, got down on her knees, and started sucking away on a cock. It was this one dude that was dressed like a ninja. She was feeling this ninja’s cock, so he let her put his katana deep into her sheath. These two went at it hardcore and banged all over the room, as the rest of the girls showed their tits and blew those other cocks, as they cheered the couple on. After the ninja had banged Brooke for a while, he couldn’t take anymore and finished up the deed by blowing his load all over her HOT college ass. You won’t want to miss out on this naughty Halloween party Daredorm stylee.

Elektra Rose College Pranks Video

Elektra Rose Dare Dorm Pranks

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This week on Dare Dorm, the college kids were up to their shenanigans again. They were bored and restless, so they started pulling pranks around campus. In particular, it was a group of sexy college babes led by Elektra Rose. They started out on their dorm neighbors by total pranksters and putting condoms on their doors, duck taping them shut, and even flashing their titties to students passing by, so they could lure them into the room and splash them with water. These little hotties were totally out of control.

Elektra Rose college groupsex

But apparently, after they had their fun, they wanted to reward a couple guys for all the carnage. These two dudes totally lucked out, and when they came in the room, they got their cocks sucked. Elektra and the pranksters got horny and decided to take it a step further. They spread those pussies wide and let them come on in. These college dudes were in heaven, as they pounded those hot pussies for every angle deep and hard. In the end, they both busted their nuts all over the girls. With college chicks like these, you gotta love dorm pranks!

Natalia Brooks Pics from the Munchies on Daredorm

Natalia Brooks college group sex on Daredorm

Natalia Brooks and some of her friends at stayed at their college for the Summer semester and were crazy bored because it was so slow from so many people going back home. After having seen a Daredorm episode online, and hearing about the cash they could get if their video was selected, they decided to throw their hat into the ring and make a video. First thing they did was borrow a video camera from a friend. Then Natalia gathered a group of girls and guys together in her door room. They decided the way they would go at it was to play a game of “Spin the Wheel.” They’d write down sexual acts on the wheel, and when it was the players turn, whatever act the wheel landed on was to be done.

Daredorm college orgy with Natalia Brooks

Of course this led to HOT lesbian action, sexy girls stripping down naked, tit sucking and pussy licking. After the college sex party was in full swing, it took off without the need for the game anymore. The girls quickly ganged up on the guys. And with a 2-to-1 ratio, it made for an awesome college dorm orgy. These guys had their cocks sucked by two girls at a time, took turns switch off between banging the girls pussies, and all while the girls continued the lesbian play. Of course, Natalia was the ringleader and the real star of the show. Don’t miss a second of this HOT girl in action now!

Kiss Lick Sip Bang Marina Angel on Daredorm

Marina Angel group blow job Daredorm

We wanted to kiss, lick and bang the super sexy Marina Angel in this episode of DareDorm. These college kids were still waiting for their money to come for books and rent, and they need money NOW. When they heard about the Dare Dorm cash for a sex tape, they were game. Marina called all her sexy girlfriends over, and the guys followed suit. At the party, they had an indoor hot tub they’d built from make shift materials. The girls went wild for it and got right in. The guys were super excited when they saw them strip naked and started making out.

Daredorm sex with Marina Angel

Their was hot college asses, tits and pussies everywhere. It was a perfect group for a college orgy. The girls took turns swapping cocks between their mouths, as they sucked off all the guys and got them hard. From there, the guys had their turn at the swapping game and each one of them got to stroke all three of the girls hot teen pussies. Now this is what you call a college sex party. They had fun all night stroking and riding cock. When the guy were ready to cum they pulled out and busted their loads on the gals sexy bodies. It was one wild Dare Dorm party, and the group got paid to have fun, so they were super happy.

Free Kayleigh Study Group Dorm Porn on DD

Kayleigh blow job on Daredorm

This Daredorm episode featured two sexy college girls, Kayleigh and her friend, and a couple nerds. These guys were tired of getting ragged on by the jocks for just doing these girls homework all the time. They kept telling them the girls were hot, and that it would lead to something, but the jocks just dismissed them. They decided to do something about it, so the nerds got a camera to document how hot the girls were.

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This time when they did their homework, they asked the college girls for a sexual favor in return. Knowing they needed to pass the class, the ladies were more than happy to oblige them. These two sexy babes gave them some sloppy blow jobs, and even let the nerds have sex with them. And while they may not get ass often, the nerds held it down. Being very studious, they had prepared by watching some online porn for techniques. Good for them, and good for us that they recorded it!

Dare Dorm college porn with Kayleigh

California Dare Dorm Group Sex Party!

Dare Dorm Blog is back with yet another ind blowing college porn update. This submission takes place in a dorm room in California with gorgeous and racy California, college girls that just live for these epic, Dare Dorm group sex parties. They love to get naked and mess around with other college girls and college guys. They eat lesbian pussy and suck major dick. These college babes sure do go wild in this dorm room, group sex party! If you like teen babes engaging in hardcore, real amateur sex, then you really must check out Dare Dorm right away.

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